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How a pastor, a psychiatrist and a social worker are working to reverse centuries of mental oppression

Even though it’s played a significant role in Black life and culture in America for four centuries, mental health in the African-American community is a part of Black history that’s often overlooked. The role that it’s played in the lives of African Americans, as well as all Americans, over time has not always been favorable.

The Best Way to Manage Anxiety

We might call the times we live in '"The Second Age of Anxiety."

Surveys and clinical data indicate the highest levels of anxiety since the postwar publication of W. H. Auden's famous poem "The Age of Anxiety," when the shadow of nuclear holocaust loomed.

So Your Teen or Tween Fell Behind During the Pandemic

Adults today are experiencing “alarming” and unprecedented levels of stress as a result of the life-altering COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation, and horrifying Ukraine crisis, says the American Psychological Association’s most recent Stress in America survey.

How to Support Your Romantic Partner If They Live with Anxiety

If your loved one lives with anxiety, you may not always know how to help — but you can do plenty to support them.

Anxiety symptoms can cause the most distress for the person who experiences them. All the same, watching a loved one have a hard time with anxiety can prompt a different kind of pain, especially when you feel powerless to make a difference.

How to Know If You Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is couples counseling between a licensed mental health provider and married partners.1 Couples counseling involves working on relationship issues through discussion, advice, and guidance in a supportive environment with a qualified third party.2 It works by focusing on specific problems and using different approaches to address those problems.

Being Kind to Yourself

How well do you treat yourself? Are you mostly helpful, sympathetic, forgiving, and supportive? Or are you often critical, demanding, unforgiving, or self-blaming?

Most people treat themselves with all of the above; however, the positive and negative behaviors are seldom equally distributed. No surprise—the negative appraisals and reactions often outweigh the positive ones.

An Open Letter to Depressed Teenagers: 10 Things You Can Do

An open letter to teenagers worldwide

It’s been two years since Covid-19 shut everything down. Your life has become small and circular. It is your own, but you might not like what things look like now. It feels gray as we tiptoe around, dipping just a toe into the waters, taking shallow breaths.

9 Ways to Feel All Your Feelings Without Excessive Distress

There are lots of ways to do this. Here is a guide. Pick and mix the strategies that appeal to you.

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