Individual Counseling

Where you work in a collaborative effort with a trained therapist. The goal in individual therapy is to facilitate change, increase insight and improve overall quality of life. Our therapist will help you explore feelings, beliefs and behaviors and bring light to underlying factors. Individual therapy also teaches appropriate coping and relational skills. Learn more

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling help partners to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Through couples counseling you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship, improving your connection or working to take your relationship to the next level. Relationships require examination and if needed, redirection if the individuals are off course. Together, you will deepen the bonds of your love and respect for one another and learn to rely on each other to navigate stressful times. Counseling can give you an understanding of how to address and resolve future problems on your own. Learn more

Teen and Young Adult Counseling

The teenage years are a natural time of change, and sometimes these changes can be difficult for both parents and youngsters to adjust to. Counseling is a helpful lifeline during this time.

For parents, this period can be a real challenge as their child learns to be more independent and learns about themselves and how to navigate the world around them.

For youngsters, the responsibilities of adulthood loom over them, coupled with the physical and hormonal changes that they are undergoing.

Some families pass through this transition period relatively easily. However, many suffer greatly and are unaware of just how much counseling can help youngsters get through this challenging time and prepare them for adult life. Learn more

Family Counseling

Families can benefit from therapy when they experience any stressful event that may strain family relationships. Family therapy can be effective in treating concerns that impact the family as a whole such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and chronic illness. Everyday concerns like communication problems, interpersonal conflict, family changes or behavioral problems in children and teens. The aim of family therapy is to promote unity, understanding and collaboration among family members in order to solve problems and promote closeness. When the family system operates together to support the treatment, positive changes are long lasting. Every family is unique, and our approach to treatment is designed to meet your specific needs. Learn more

Online Counseling

You may be a busy parent, a college student, out of town or you may be confined to your home for various health reasons but you desire counseling. Our board-certified telehealth therapist can assist you. Learn more